Immune Boosting During Covid-19 Outbreak

Immune boosting food

Immune Boosting

At this time when we are all exposed to the Corona-19 Virus Pandemic it is worth considering how to improve your immune system.

  • Keep hydrated with pure water.
  • Eat a good variety of  fresh organic food.
  • Sleep hygiene, get at least 8 hours/night of  good quality sleep.
  • Exercise, if possible in the open air, with exposure to sunshine.

Nutritional supplements to boost immunity:

  1. Vitamin D3 2000-5000 IU/day.
  2. Vitamin C  3-6 grams/day as powder.
  3. Zinc 15-30 mg/day Zinc Picolinate.
  4. Kefir Yogurt.
  5. A good Probiotic, Megaspore biotic from
  6. Echinacea.
  7. Sambucol with Zinc and Vitamin C.

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