Pregnenolone is an endogenous steroid hormone and a precursor of Oestrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, D.H.E.A. and Thyroid Hormone.

The aging brain can show a deteriation in memory and cognitive function, there is scientific evidence that Pregnenolone may help in improving memory. Normal brain tissue contains large amounts of Pregnelolone.

Pregnenolone has a calming anti stress effect in humans.

Pregnenolone Steal is an observed phenomenon in humans suffering from long term stress. The biochemical pathway that Pregnenolone favours in prolonged stress, is the production of more Cortisol. This stress pathway reduces the production of D.H.E.A. and Testosterone as well as Thyroid hormones.

The symptoms may well be fatigue and extreme tiredness resulting in chronic illness.

In prolonged stress the Adrenal gland is affected, often producing more cortisol and less D.H.E.A.

A simple saliva test measuring Cortisol and DHEA, 4 readings in one day will help in the diagnosis. Supporting the adrenal gland with nutritional products and dealing with the stress may improve the symptoms.

Pregnenolone is synthesized from cholesterol.

Patients are advised not to take Pregnenolone without proper medical supervision, in particular if there is a history of epilepsy.

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