Many women suffer from endometriosis. The condition where the tissue of the lining of the uterus is present outside the uterus therefore affecting other organs in the pelvis for instance the bowel and ovaries.

The symptoms mostly present as pain in the pelvic area, lower back and abdomen, together with very heavy and painful periods, pain at intercourse, spotting between periods and infertility.

Endometriosis is mostly present in women of reproductive age and, as it is oestrogen-dependant, endometriosis often clears after the menopause.

To confirm the diagnosis an ultrasound or MRI scan is needed but the only definite way to establish the presence of endometriosis is via laparoscopy as the tissue is often not large enough to show on scanning.

At Holistic Medical Clinic we manage the symptoms of Endometriosis, treatment might include NSAIDs, pain control and aromatase inhibitors.

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