Wellness Screening & Preventative Medicine

Holistic Medical Clinic organises wellness and preventative screening which can be accomplished in just one working day.

A full personal history is followed by clinical examination. Blood and urine samples are taken at the laboratory nearby (in some cases saliva testing and 24 hour urinary collection might be needed and the patient will be given the test kits to perform the tests at home).

In agreement with patients, for men prostatic screening including PSA, prostatic ultrasound and 3T MRI scanning, for women pelvic ultrasound scanning, Ca125 screening for ovarian cancer and for both sexes cardiovacular ultrasound and fast CT scan for coronary artery disease can be organised.

Genetic screening for different conditions is available.

Results for most tests are ready at the end of the day for discussion and treatment planning.

Preventative Medicine should be considered as the essential life preserver to those who are over 30 years of age; an annual check-up that ensures those minor ailments do not become major disasters.

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