Testosterone in Women during the Menopause


Testosterone in Women during the Menopause

Many women are unaware that Testosterone is an important female hormone as well as a male one.

Female testosterone is produced in both the ovaries and the adrenal glands.

What role does it play in women?

“Testosterone contributes to libido, sexual arousal and orgasm by increasing dopamine levels in the central nervous system. Testosterone also maintains normal metabolic function, muscle and bone strength, urogenital health, mood and cognitive function.” Mr Nick Panay, Consultant Gynaecologist, Imperial College

Declining Testosterone

Testosterone levels naturally decline during a woman’s life. However  the decline is particularly acute after surgery involving the removal of the ovaries such as total hysterectomy. This then causes women to go through menopause (surgical menopause) and testosterone production can decrease by more than 50%. Other causes can be Testosterone deficiency, obesity and Adrenal failure.

Declining or deficient Testosterone levels can therefore have an effect on sexual desire and arousal. This can produce other unwanted sexual symptoms, as well as causing more general symptoms of tiredness, depression, headaches and stress.

Stress, Cortisol and Testosterone

Research has shown that increase Cortisol levels in the bloodstream lead to lowering of Testosterone levels. Cortisol is the body’s main stress hormone. If Cortisol is elevated due to stress this can have an effect on female sexual desire and diminish testosterone receptor activity.

Read more about Cortisol here.


DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone which works to balance Cortisol. It is a precursor for testosterone. DHEA opposes the effects of Cortisol and so new treatments have been developed using DHEA as a topical application in the Vagina to increase sexual arousal. This treatment together with the replacement of Testosterone can mean a new lease of sexual energy and arousal can be achieved.

Levels of Cortisol and DHEA can be tested. https://www.theholisticdoctor.co.uk/what-we-treat/tiredness-and-adrenal-stress

Replacement of Oestrogen and Progesterone with Bioidentical Hormones https://www.holisticmedical.co.uk/bio-identical-hormones/ would remain the priority to relieve Menopause symptoms, as well as improving Cardiovascular and Bone health.

Hot flushes and night sweats, hyper anxiety, irritability, depression, mood swings, poor memory and dry vagina often remain the prime concern of menopause symptoms and can be treated successfully with natural Bioidentical Hormones.

 Symptoms of Increases Cortisol in Women

Symptoms of Decreased Cortisol in Women


·         Anxiety/Nervousness

·         Fluid Retention

·         Poor Concentration

·         Brian Fog

·         Heart Palpitations

·         Hot Flushes

·         Poor Sleep

·         Hypoglycaemia

·         Weight Gain In Waist

·         Tired And Wired.


·         Apathy

·         Feeling ‘Burned Out’

·         Cold Body Temperature

·         Fatigue

·         Hypoglycaemia

·         Decreased stamina

·         Low Blood Pressure

·         Salt and Sweet Cravings

·         Muscle and Joint Pains


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