Hormones and Cancer Risk

Joint RCOG/BMS statement: Lancet study examines use of HRT and Ovarian cancer risk.

“The findings from a meta-analysis of 52 epidemiological studies, involving a total of 21488 women with ovarian cancer, almost all from North America, Europe and Australia, suggest that taking HRT for the Menopause, even just for a few years, is associated with an increased risk of developing the two most common types of ovarian cancer.”

Dr Heather Currie, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Chairman elect for the British Menopause Society said:

“While ovarian cancer is a serious disease, this study does not prove causation, particularly when it is stated that the incidence of ovarian cancer decreases with time after stopping HRT. Additionally, the data are observational with significant risk of bias from other contributing risk factors such as age, obesity and smoking. It is important to emphasise that the absolute risk is extremely small.”

Increase risk of ovarian and breast cancer can also be affected by genetics and other risk factors.

Environmental toxins can increase aromatase activity to increase the ratio between 2(OH) Oestrone and 4(OH) Oestrone and 16(OH) Oestrone, also poor methylation to excrete these by-products of Oestrogen metabolism can occur with a genetic defect. Most of these biochemical pathways can be corrected with Nutritional products, and this may potentially reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Most cancers are multifactorial, and the risk and benefits of taking HRT need to be discussed with patients before prescribing. Additional benefits of HRT if given in the first five years of the menopause, are protecting the patient from bone loss, cardiovascular protection, bladder problems and vaginal atrophy, as well as relief of hot flushes and night sweats, hyper anxiety, depression and loss of sex drive.

At Holistic Medical Clinic , Dr. Moran treats The Menopause with a variety of products,
such as:

Nutritional medicine
Natural Progesterone.
Bio-identical Hormones.

Dr. Moran is of the opinion that more research is needed, and that a detailed discussion with patients, who wish to take HRT or any of the above options, is very important before prescribing.

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