Recently in the news is a comment on obesity and stress

In a Recent BMJ article on possible causes of obesity, two main possible reasons other than over eating and lack of exercise were postulated.

  1. Stress from noise and pollution, living near a main road or railway station, and air traffic noise.
  2. Lack of sleep.

Both the above suggest a link in with an increase in stress being a primitive survival process that accumulates fat for lean times in the future.

The Pregnenolone steal referred to on the website may account for the increase in cortisol as the preferred pathway in stress.

Fat cells also store pesticides and heavy metals from environmental pollution and can be a contributory cause of ill health.

An excellent review in the Daily Telegraph on Monday 25 May 2015 by Cherrill Hicks.

What type of sleeper are you?

How many hours sleep do you need, 7-8 hours every night?

Quality of sleep.

Sleep apnoea.

Sleep hygiene.

Poor sleep contributes to stress, as stress contributes to poor sleep.

Coping with stress and how each individual can make a plan on stress coping in important.

Neuro sensory feedback, mindfulness and meditation are a few methods of dealing with stress as is exercise.

Steam and sauna are not only beneficial but when done correctly are one way of eliminating environmental toxins, and another way to handle stress.

Find out more about pregnenolone.


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